“I hired Jen to be the running coach, and it was the best hiring decision I made while there. Jen made time for each and every runner, and made sure everyone felt welcome, capable, and comfortable, no matter if they were seasoned marathoners or brand new runners. Jen is personable and very approachable for people of all levels, and maintains a high level of professionalism in her work, getting results from everyone!” -Alexander 2012

“Jen is an amazing running coach! She helped me, a non-runner, make it through 5 months of marathon training and eventually all the way through the 26.2 miles of the 2008 Twin Cities Marathon. I remember meeting her at our first training run, and how discouraging those first 3 miles were for me. I remember her helping me troubleshoot through some knee pain on the morning of our first 8-miler. I remember her encouragement while running hills down by the river, and I remember seeing her cheer as I crossed the finish line of the 2008 Twin Cities Marathon.” -Andrew 2009

“Jen is very generous with her time and talents. Coaching is a significant investment in time and effort- Jen is willing to give of herself not to just help those she coaches, but ultimately to help folks that she doesn’t even know. This speaks to her ethics, her desire to help others, her character. Any organization would benefit from Jen’s involvement.” -Scott 2009